Downfall of Time

by Grodek

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released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Grodek Vasto, Italy

We sing the decadence, the void and the rot of reality, turnin anxiety and horror into aesthetic experience.
We come back to Grodek, so autumn woodlands shall ring out again

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Track Name: From the Fog I Rose
I shall rest
Into this mist
Of dark despair

I embraced the night
Night so cold
Night so deaf
Night falling on me

I sense she’s coming here for me

She said the wind has no color
She said I was from a dark, fading sun

When prays will end
In hopeless misery
When the fire will burn
As she comes
In her mortal haze
Upon this barren field
I’ll be thy

Through this mist I fall
Down to rebirth
To reach new wisdom
From the fog I rise

She said my wings have no color
She said I belong to her dark, pale scythe
Track Name: Naiade
Naiade, could you give me thy bliss?
I spent my life-time, wandering to nowhere
You come from rivers, yours is life and health
My wings are heavy, could you grant me solace?

I’ve seen the fall of the Phoibos, why should
I break your chains of wisdom, if what you
Want is the knowledge of the one, that worships
a plant into a forest, why should I?

Decay has taken you, what was, now is lost
Light falls and shadows remain, even you won’t last forever
Dying souls walk among these ruins, of an ending daydream
Take me with you I want to disappear, among all this beauty

This is not your time, you still not know the night
We have been sang in endless song
We never existed, that’s why we will live forever
Everything will fall, and will melt into eternal void
Just a memory can stay, as the last breeze of summer
When you will meet her, please remember me
Track Name: The Pale Dame
Can you see the
Procession of mourners
Do you know
Where are they going?

She moved her pale hand
‘’They’re buring their dead
Just before them’’

So long march
So wired path
Where are the traces
Of departed?

She moved her pale face
‘’only I remain,
I and nothing’’

My Dame, concede me thy breath
Everything, will drown into you
Mire melt, and everything dies
I came here to see my demise

Can you feel the cold
From their shadows
Can you feel the pain,
Why don’t you ease it?

She showed
Her thin theet
And she yelled
They are scared

Told them
The truth
Destroy their idols
Set them free

She faded
Into her haze
And she said
They’re already mine’’
Track Name: Time and Black Tides
Arose from my embers, standing here I recognize the hand of fate
So here’s the edge, here’s the end and waves of time waste us all
Drown in black waters, tide is growing when sun dies and moon arise

Another time ends, another circle closes, I can feel it while the sea rises upon us
And when the sun goes down, and shadows are getting longer and longer, here’s the time of no tomorrow
And the waves, oh the waves they hide all lights denying me my only haven

Here comes the last night of dread
Erase the downfall of time
Black tides arise this rot
And everything will be gone

So, beyond this night there is no light and tomorrow is already fading into the void
The same that embraces and gathers everything, surrender now to the truth
Hidden in the sands of this motionless clepsydra where time and space converge

And so it all ends
I’ll return to ashes
In the sea where death dreams
Why can’t I feel
Your cold hand?
Why are you gone?